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Eating well is one thing, cooking well another! If you share our passion for preparing local cuisine, then our cooking classes are made for you.

In our hands-on cooking classes, you will discover how rich the Greek culinary tradition is and discover authentic recipes rarely found in restaurants. By the end of the class you will be able to cook an array of Greek dishes and take the flavors of Greece back home with you!

Our cooking classes are held by Elisa in Villa Maria’s professionally equipped kitchen.

Elisa Mavropoulou comes from a family with a rich culinary tradition. For years she has been researching the various regional cuisines of Greece, discovering forgotten recipes, rare ingredients and traditional techniques and adjusting them to modern needs for a balanced and healthy diet.

Her passion for cooking led her to quit her job as a teacher and translator to work full time in the guesthouse which she and her husband have lovingly restored, sharing her knowledge of food, and her passion for it, with her guests.

Well-traveled herself, Elisa tries to offer her guests what she looks for in her own travels: an authentic experience of local culture and hospitality.