This class is hands-on and lasts 3-4 hours.

You will be given information about the local culture, traditions and the origin of recipes, and get acquainted with various traditional culinary techniques. You will learn to use new ingredients and new ways to use ingredients you are familiar with.

We will prepare a full menu of several dishes including appetizers/starters, a pie, salads, a main course and a dessert, to create a sumptuous meal that we will then share in the courtyard.

Menus vary according to season. You can chose between a meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan menu.

If you wish, our meal will be accompanied by local wine.

All recipes will be sent to you by e-mail.

Sample dishes

  • sage flavored split peas purée with capers and sun-dried tomatoes
  • stuffed tomatoes/peppers with rice and herbs
  • smoked aubergine dip
  • courgette, mint and goat cheese pie
  • chickpeas with rosemary
  • olive bread
  • anchovies in vine leaves with fennel
  • cumin/garlic meatballs in tomato sauce
  • sweet milk pie
  • semolina cinnamon/orange halva

In Greece we don’t have a set sequence of courses and we share all dishes. And dinners are leisurely, giving us time to enjoy the greatest variety of tastes and flavors.

Wine and cheese tasting

Wine and cheese lovers will get the chance to get acquainted with excellent Greek wines and cheeses from various regions.

We will try 4 different wines (a white, a rose, a red and a dessert wine) that we will accompany with 5-6 different cheeses, “pastelaria”, a local speciality (dried figs with cinnamon and sesame), “louza” (local ham, cured in wine and spices), and country sourdough bread.

This tasting is focused on Cycladic wines and cheeses.

You can opt for a wider variety of wines from different areas of Greece.

The tasting can be combined with a cooking class, in which we will pair the wines with the prepared dishes, or enjoyed on its own.

Prices per person:

Cooking class (minimum 2 people): 80 €

Wine/cheese tasting (4 wines, minimum 2 people): 50 €

Wine/cheese tasting (6 wines, minimum 4 people): 75 €

Class + tasting: 110 € / 130 €